Bring Out The Ambassador In Your Dog!

Why Become a Licensed Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor/Assessor? 

Eligibility - PPG Members Only. If you would like to join PPG please click here 

The Instructor and Assessor Guide Compliments The Guardian Guide

Looking at it altruistically, assessors help share awareness of force-free training methods and the Guiding Principles of the Pet Professional Guild. As a Licensed Assessor you can both instruct the program and assess the candidates 

By offering the Pet Dog Ambassador program to clients, you can build confidence within dog and Guardian teams by tangibly demonstrating the progress of each dog and Guardian team. You can benefit the local community by turning out well-trained dogs and socially aware Guardians.  

You can offer structured classes with clearly demonstrated and achievable goals. A suggested curricular for each Level are provided to you via your knowledge center as a Licensed Assessor. You can extend student enrollment for up to 12 months or more by offering Pet Dog Ambassador stepped classes that build on training skills and offer incentive awards to your clients.

As a Licensed Assessor you will be in demand to assess Pet Dogs through clubs and other Licensed Instructor programs and businesses. 

Marketing tools are also provided to you as a Pet Dog Ambassador assessor that can be used to build business, increase networking with other pet professionals and to help build your client base.

Begin the process today and become a Licensed Assessor. You can click the link below to read the Instructor/Assessor PDA Guide. The Pet Guardian Guide can be seen here.

Levels & Behavior Markers

Checkout some of the great behaviors that are included in the program for you to instruct and then assess.  

Each level progresses in complexity. Although exercises may look the same, the difficulty increases as the level increases, and other exercises are absorbed into the intricacies of a new level. 

For each exercise there is an assessment marker.  Click here to see an example of a Level One Assessment Marker 

The Application Process

1. Application and Fee

Complete the Assessor Application Form  by clicking here

2. Sit the Tests – Become a Licensed Assessor

On successful application and payment of your fee, you will receive notification of how to access the Assessors Exam. This is a two-part exam. We must know that you understand the rules and regulations of each of the program’s components. You will be theory tested on these for each level of the program.  The pass rate for the tests are 85% and 80%

3. Proof of Certification

At the successful completion of the exam you will be assigned an Assessor Membership Number that will appear on your Certificate. You will receive your certificate by email and an electronic Assessor badge that can be used on your website. 

4. Your Online Assessor’s Account

On successful completion of your application, the testing process and payment of your Assessor fee, the PDA Administrator will open an account on your behalf.  It will be your responsibility to notify the PDA Administrator of the results of your candidates’ assessments by completing the candidate assessment form in the Assessors Knowledge Center and submitting it. The PDA Administrator is available to give updated information to qualified assessors. 

5. Insurance

Where applicable in your country, liability insurance for the training services you provide may need to be provided within 20 hours of a PPG request for proof.

6. Maintaining Your Assessor Certification

You will need to update your certification every two years by undertaking a short test based on updated rulings and performance standards.

You will need to provide proof of continued service in the industry (teaching group classes, individual consultations, seminars, workshops, etc.) via the Training Log document found in the Assessors Knowledge Center. A minimum 60 hours per year is required.

PPG yearly membership must be maintained at all times while maintaining assessor status.

You must also show evidence of obtaining 20 Continuing Education (CE) points during the two years of holding your assessor’s certification. Your Assessors Knowledge Center contains the ability to enter your CE Points. CE points must consist of the following:

·       At least two PPG webinars live, recorded or free webinars

·       Attendance at approved seminars, workshops and educational meetings

·       Where applicable in your country, liability insurance for the training services you provide may need to be provided within 20 hours of a PPG request for proof.

Behaviors You Will Be Licensed To Instruct & Assess When You Join The Program

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