A Credentialing Program for Pet Dogs In Recognition of Great Pet Dog Skills

Would you like your pet dog pet to be a great Ambassador? Yes! – Then you are in the right place. 

Through our 5 step credentialing program you can teach your pet some much needed life skills in a fun and supportive environment, helping your pet become the Ambassador they deserve to be in your family and community.  

The PDA program builds over five levels to the Championship Level. Dogs as young as 4 months of age can enroll and begin gaining their first credentials very quickly learning these important skills. 

For a pet dog that has reached 6 months of age you can begin them at level 2. Your pet will learn about car manners, how to enter and leave buildings. How to leave and recall back to you. And let’s not forget stay or settle!

Level 1 Puppy: 4 – 9 months of age

  • Exercise 1 – Sit at front and side, then take collar        
  • Exercise 2 – Give take exchange         
  • Exercise 3 – Leave it    
  • Exercise 4 – Loose leash walking         
  • Exercise 5 – Social interaction 
  • Exercise 6 – Wait to be fed      
  • Exercise 7 – Recall       
  • Exercise 8 – Handling 
  • Exercise 9 – Go to place

Level 2 – Any dog over the age of 6 months 

  • Exercise 1 – Car manners   
  • Exercise 2 – Entrance manners     
  • Exercise 3 – Leave it
  • Exercise 4 – Loose leash walking with social interaction 
  •  Exercise 5 – Wait to be fed 
  • Exercise 6 – Recall   
  • Exercise 7 – Emergency stop        
  • Exercise 8 – Handling        
  • Exercise 9 – Stay or settle 
  • Exercise 10 – Being alone
Click here to see all levels

5 Fabulous Certificates for Your Pet Dog To Earn!

The aim of the credentialing program is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable. The program recognizes this team effort from a puppy’s very early training. 


  1. Pet Dog Guardians - Take your pets through the program and earn lovely certificates and medallions to celebrate your skills and success. Click here to get started
  2. Professional Dog Training Peeps - Become and instructor and begin teaching the curriculum. All the tools are provided, its like a business in a box. Lesson plans, curriculum, marketing tools, assessment guides. 
  3. Pet Professional Guild Members - Become an Instructor/Assessor. All the tools are provided, its like a business in a box. Lesson plans, curriculum, marketing tools, assessment guides. Everything you need to get going. 

The Pet Professional Guild a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization. Florida, USA. 9122 Kenton Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545. USA. Copyright 2018 The Pet Professional Guild. Only Licensed Instructors and Assessors have permission to use this program and rights are granted under the license agreement. The Privacy statement can be found here


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