Bring Out The Ambassador In Your Dog!

Who Can Be Involved in The Program

1. Dog Guardians and Their Dogs

Guardians and their dogs who have been working with a PPG licensed instructor and/or assessor are able to undertake assessment on the condition that the instructor or assessor considers the team suitable candidates. Guardians who register for the program must be willing to declare their adherence to the PPG Guiding Principles, which can be found here.

Why pet dog Guardians should become involved

By training through all levels of this program both dog and family maintain and/or increase their skills, knowledge and abilities and Guardians can be guided by force-free trainers if/when behavioral problems arise.

2. Pet Dog Training Instructors 

Any person who is a dog training or dog behavior consultant who abides by our Guiding Principles may apply to be an instructor. To be an Instructor/Assessor you must be a member of the Pet Professional Guild. The application form is  here

Why pet dog training instructors should become involved

  • The program allows for a structured approach to both group and private lessons
  • Resource materials are available to PPG members who are instructors to assist with instigating the program
  • The program helps to build and retain clients
  • The program promotes PPG’s force-free methods that better develop lasting relationships between dogs and their Guardians

3. Shelters and Rescue Facilities 

Licensed PDA Instructors who work with a shelter or rescue facility may instruct the program.

Why shelters/rescue facilities should become involved

  • The program will help develop dogs that people want to adopt and who are less likely to be returned to the shelter.
  • The program will help to enrich the lives of the shelter/rescue dogs while waiting for their forever homes.

4. Pet Dog Training Clubs

Members who meet the required eligibility criteria, who become PDA Instructors and who work/volunteer with a force-free dog training facility may instruct this program within the dog training facility. To assess the program the Assessor must be a PPG Member. 

Dog clubs that offer this program can rightly be proud of the service offered to their local community.


PDA is a program developed by The Pet Professional Guild.  Copyright 2018. Only Licensed Instructors and Assessors have permission to use this program and rights are granted under the license agreement. 

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