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If you are a PDA Graduate then you have access to upload a picture of your dog and place a nice comment here for others to read. Please make sure you are logged into the website as a member. If logged in correctly you should see a grey "upload" button

19 photo(s) Updated on: 03 Apr 2018
  • I'm Arlo - here I am chilling out at a cafe in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • All this training is starting to mushroom!
  • Just resting
  • Beautiful Bella
  • What did you ask me to do?
  • Alys is a 18 month Welsh Pembroke Corgi, She's playing hide and seek in the garden
  • This is Ruki a 10 month old Northern Inuit who lives in Scotland.
  • This is scout a 16 month golden retriever training to be an assistance dog with veterans with dogs in the uk. This boy is quite literally a life saver hero with paws
  • Bailey, the 18 month old groodle is from Adelaide in Australia. He loves playing Chasey and having cuddles!
  • This is Rebel he was abandoned as a 6 week old pup - he now helps rehabilitate other dogs :)
  • Bailey is one of the dogs featured on some of the demonstration videos used in the assessment markers. She lives in Florida with her best friend Niki Tudge

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