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The Guiding Principles

Section One – Pet Professional Guild Non-Negotiable

To be in anyway affiliated with the Pet Professional Guild all members must adhere to a strict code of conduct. Pet Professional Guild Members Understand Force-Free to mean:

‘No shock, No pain, No choke, No fear, No physical force, No compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet.”

Section Two – PPG Members’ Professional Ethics

  • We always hold the pet’s welfare as our top priority.
  • The pet is the vulnerable component in the consultation process as they cannot offer informed consent.
  • The professionals’ role is one that is beneficial to the pet and never to its detriment. Always seek to do no harm.
  • Do not condone or endorse any treatment by a pet’s owner that is physically or mentally cruel. We will opt out of a consulting agreement rather than attempt to manage an unethical course of action.
  • We only consult with clients who offer cases that we have the professional competence to deal with.
  • We only use procedures, protocols and training tools that are empirically based and have a proven track record.
  • We always consider communications with our clients privileged. We will only break that confidentiality if a
  • pet is being abused and the client cannot be dissuaded
  • from using their current approach. We always act according to local and state laws in terms of reporting animal cruelty.
  • We recognize that the pet’s owner is responsible for their pet and the owner has the right to make decisions about the professional treatment of their pet.
  • Ensure all communications are professional and based in fact. When discussing industry practices, trends or issues, members will limit discussion to practices and consequences rather than the individuals using them thereby ensuring informed, professional and civil exchanges that enrich members and the industry of force-free pet professionals.

Apply the following ethical principles to each situation you encounter:

  • Respect for the freedom and dignity of others.
  • Do no harm.
  • Do good.
  • Act fairly.
  • Be faithful to promises made.

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The Pet Professional Guild a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization. Florida, USA. 9122 Kenton Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545. USA

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